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Discount codes are sent by sales agents based on prices agreed as part of our discount systems. If other discount codes that weren’t agreed are applied the difference in payment will need to be made.

On packages where services are paid for in advance bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the booking will be deducted from the account.

For parties at the client’s venue Kids DXB will pack away there own equipment but is not responsible for the cleanup of the venue.

Deposits and Full Payments for Birthday Parties are non refundable unless there is an eventuality where Green Dunning Sports Clubs and Facilities Management LLC are not able to deliver the party.

Change Of Bookings
After you make your booking if you wish to make any changes to your booking this should be put in writing and emailed to contact@kidsdxb.com

Communication Before Camp Starts
Kids DXB will send communication leading up to the camp to help you and your family to get the most out of camp.

Transport Communication
Exact transport timings are sent by STS via SMS on Saturday before the start of camp on Sunday. If the bus is more than 20 minutes late you will recieve an SMS from STS

Communication During Camp
During camp communication with parents will not be made unless there is an incident relating to the health and safety of your child. This is to allow our staff to do their jobs and allow the children to focus on the activities of the camp.

Special Needs Accommodation
We aim to accommodate children with special needs best on the following policy:

  • If children require a one on one teaching assistant in order to operate in a school setting Kids DXB should be informed of this before the start of camp. Children requiring an assistant will be charged an additional AED1100 per week for the provision of a one on one staff.
  • In the eventuality that the parent informs us that the child does not require one on one assistants a one on one assistant will need to be added and the additional cost paid. If the parent does not wish to do this the child cannot be admitted to the camp and refunds will not be given in this instance.

Pictures Taken At The Camp
By accepting these terms and conditions parents gives permission for pictures and videos of children taking part in activities to be taken at the camp. If parents do not wish for pictures to be taken Kids DXB should be informed in writing prior to the start of the camp.

Refunds and Credit Policy
Please see the below list for Green Dunning Sport Clubs and Facilities Management LLC’s refund and credit policy for camps.  The categorization of reasons for refunds are made by the site manager and camps manager after consulting with all concerned parties relating to the issue at hand and there decision is final:

Part 1- No Refund Or Credit Given
1.1 The bus being late due to factors beyond the control of Kids DXB
1.2 The estimated pick up timing of the bus falling within the agreed maximum times (1 hour 20 minutes for Dubai & 2 hours for Sharjah)
1.3 Incidents happening onsite not due to staff negligence
1.4 Booking type not as expected by client when no formal communication of booking type change has been sent after booking has already been confirmed
1.5 An incident that wasn’t seen by any staff member or reported to any Kids DXB staff member during the course of the day.
1.6 Threatening behaviour towards Kids DXB Holiday Camps staff by parents or children.
1.7 Child being unhappy with their group (note that due to fluctuating group sizes our age groups are a guideline not a guarantee, children wil be divided into groups as best possible based on our ratios and the total size of the group)
1.8 Any other incident that is not coverred in parts 2 or 3

Part 2- Credit For A Future Camp Can Be Given But No Refund
2.1 Child sickness
2.2 Change of client’s schedule or travel
2.3 Change of booking ie full day to half day, or no transport
2.4 Inability to provide or pay for one on one attention for children that Kids DXB staff deem required for the child to participate in the camp
2.5 Child not enjoying the camp
2.6 Failure of a child to adhere to behavioural expectations outlined in Appendix 1.Please note that dependant on the severity of the incident Kid DXB reserves to not give credit where the saftety of attendees at camp in the future in the future. Please note that in some cases children may be excluded for the remainder of the day and given the chance to come back to camp under the proviso that any further issues will result in exclusion for the camp.

Part 3- Refund Can Be Given On Days Of Camp Not Attended
3.1 Safety issue at the camp due to staff negligence
3.2 Repeated bullying issue that hasn’t been appropirately handled by staff
3.3 Transport negligence (transport service not as per the booking made online or as per any documented revision of transport timing made after the booking)

Appendix 1: Behavioural Expectations

  • Behave in a way that discriminates, bullies or intimidates others
  • Behave in a way that puts others or their self at risk
  • Use inappropriate language, or swear, in all languages
  • Act aggressively towards others and the coaches
  • Be involved in fighting, hitting, biting and all other forms of physical violence
  • Behave in a way that disrespects facilities and equipment
  • Act against the principals of fair play and positive sporting competition